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Who I am


This is my story, a story that arises from far, when my great grandfather, who was already a yeweler, emigrates from the Basque Country, a land of artists, dreamers and guerrilla fighters, to Argentina at the end of the XIX century.

In Buenos Aires, he put down roots, giving rise to a bloodline of master jewelers. My grandfather Domingo, with his brothers Julian and Ezequiel, embrace the handed down jewelery art and passing it down up to the future generations. Today tha Argentinian branch of the Garagorri family keeps standing out for this peculiar production.


I am a dreamer as well, I have always cultivated the wish of creating. Since i was a child, i have always been attracted by all the beautiful things, interpretating the beauty as the sophistication of details, the preciousness and uniqueness in its kind.

I have always loved creating, trying to innovate but, above all, risking putting myself out there. I am a lucky person because i was born in an artistical environment, and growing up, i had the chance to share all this with breathless and joyful moments, due to the fact that my aspirations were constantly understood and went along with.

Starting from there, i moved to the United States of America, being precise in New York, converting my aspirations in a concrete labour opportunity, working as a layout designer for a high-jewellery production specialist company. This was my starting point. During that experience, i had the privilege to meet and work with the amazing art master, “Alberto Codorniu”. This meeting contributed to the deep enrichment of my labour background.


nonnoAccustomed to the fatigue, i wanted more and more: what i was absorbing seemed to be not enough to me. Thus, i decided to join the “Parson School of design in NY”, in order to learn new design techniques.


At the same time, i kept working for other realities in New York for a long period, but frenzy has never been a friend of the art, that is why, at a certain point, i decided to move again: I wanted to change one more time, looking for and receiving new stimulations. Verona smiled at me, i was bewitched by her beauty and i couldn’t give up on that incredible offer. In 2004 i put down my roots in the city of love, opening my personal atelier…

When i finish a jewel and i place it into the hands of the person who would protect it as a part of herself, i always observe her face and the expressions appearing on it. Our face has no secrets, if you are able to read and interpreting it, it will pay all back to you in a few moments. 

Sometimes a sly smile may hide the true feeling but, shortly thereafter, the eyes will start chasing after the twinkle, enlightening themselves with greatness… 

Ariel Garagorri

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