Welcome into my World


The world of high jewelry is a magical world, full of satisfaction obtained from hard work, expertise and great care and attention to detail. Our creations are real works of art. This is not just a work, but an art that is handed down over time from generation to generation. It is a world rich in projects, some simple and others complex, often the result of months of work.
It is amazing how a simple metal or stone can give rise to something so unique and desirable as a jewel. I think this must be the mirror of the soul of the person who wears it. I constantly strive for perfection, so that every piece of my production is unique and unrepeatable, giving the customer an emotion that can exhibit with pride.

International prestige

In 2014 I was awarded with the “Honorable Mention Award Winner Prize” by Baselworld, the world watch and jewelry exhibition, for the design of the “Pagoda” jewel.

Encounters that feed the passion

During my career, I had the chance to work for some worldwide prestigious companies and artists, with the possibility to express my creativity as best as I can. These meetings have turned into sincere friendships that nowadays I nurture with deep fondness.

Astonishment and uniqueness

Not only jewelry to wear. Glamour has no boundaries. Harmony of design, comfort and ergonomics characterize our products, all obtained following an in-depth study of shapes, weights and structures.

Ariel Garagorri

As a tailor tailors an amazing dress on the winding curves of a muse, the jeweler must be able to create a gorgeous masterpiece understanding and expressing the sensations belonging to the person who wishes it. This is turning into an artwork that will last forever.