78 Pt

a metal that lasts unaltered through time

Platinum processing


The processing of platinum, especially at the artisanal level, is a world in itself, and requires great knowledge of the techniques of the trade, to be applied then to the construction of objects, whether they are jewelry or objects for industrial use. It is a material that does not allow errors in any phase of construction.

My family has been working this material for generations, teaching me at a very young age all the secrets of the trade. From a young age, I was given important jewels to allow me to study and learn the construction techniques of the time, giving me the task in many cases to restore these masterpieces of jewelry of the early and mid-twentieth century. In this way I was able to develop a knowledge not only of the material itself, but also of the history of the period jewel.


We specialize in the production of platinum jewelry, the restoration of vintage jewelry and much more. The company also produces platinum components for the industrial, medical, aeronautical and aerospace sectors, collaborating with the most important companies in these three sectors located in different countries. First of all, by trusting the honesty transmitted by my family, the company provides its customers with a product that has undergone rigorous quality control.